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The record forges on to "See How She Moves," a song Spiegel wrote for the first person she had an intimate queer relationship with. This tune, though ultimately a celebration of this person's beauty and verve, is also grappling with deep-seated shame about her queerness and not knowing how to express or navigate it. The song is adorned with as many cross rhythms as one could tastefully add, thanks to the production and auxiliary percussion work of Adam Tucker, and builds up to a masterfully chaotic solo played by Will Kjeer (keys), which is compounded by Yetter's equally chaotic rolls.


Driving up the hill
Dragging myself from the womb in my room
Shaking the thick smoke of her laugh out of my head
Looking for desire in the fires of an evening cigarette, oh she’ll come soon

Oh she’ll come soon
Mmm she’ll come soon

I run back home
I follow the scent of her incense, I swear
She smells like the difference between apathy and care
She smells like the difference between, (een), (een)
Apathy and care
Apathy and care
Bada bada bada bada

See how she moves?
See how she moves like the wind blowing leaves back to life?
See how she cocks her long neck in the gold sunlight?
I am disarmed, oh so charmed, almost harmed by the ecstasy of her flight

Of her flight
Of her flight
Mmmm of her flight

See how she moves?
Floating through corridors, I drift away on her air balloon
Taking me to a safer place where memories are painted with gold
Taking me to a safer place, (ace), (ace)
Where memories are painted with gold
Memories are painted with gold, bada bada bada bada