JEST: Sunsets in slow motion. Love radiating audibly. Patience and presence groove sweetly, and Jest, return after their 2022 release, “Behaviors.” An exploration of grit and luster, their new offering, “Sunsets,” finds poise floating through unexplored planes and spaces. Rhythms are deeper here, laying the foundation for the album's backing group, The Sunsettes (Lady Midnight , Molly Brandt, Jade (SPACEGLOW), and Lauda La Artista ). These Minnesota songstresses of love radiate over the band’s modest bravado.

Rooted in Minneapolis and forming in early 2019, Lighter Co. (formerly Zippo Man) has since garnered a reputation for their live performances. Often considered “genre-fluid”, the band is known for covering a vast sonic terrain throughout a set - and never without their suits, boots, and white Stetson.

Dilly Dally Alley is a Minneapolis-based band eternally striving to seek out the perfect groove, and accredited for their crowd games and lively performances. Think indie funk and neosoul, but they also like to hit you with a synthy grunge hit, an earnest folk tune, or whatever else they’re feeling at the time. Ultimately, Dilly just hopes that their eclectic sounds inspire audiences to dance a little harder, love a little better, and scream a little louder.